YouTube Music and Amazon Prime Music are now free to use on smart speakers – the latter service, however, only in the US. In contrast, Google’s music streaming platform is now also available free of charge in Germany – as everyone knows, since the launch on smartphones . For both offers, however, various restrictions apply.

The free versions of YouTube Music and Amazon Prime Music are now available for free on smart speakers. To use YouTube Music for free, you need a Smart Speaker with Google Assistant. At least Amazon currently restricts the number of users even more: Users in the USA can currently use Amazon Prime Music free of charge only via a loudspeaker from the Echo family . Both providers apparently want to spread their voice assistants with the free offers .

Limited choices

Both YouTube Music and Amazon Prime Music users are looking for advertising in the free versions. In addition, you are limited in the selection of songs. For example, YouTube Music does not allow you to play a specific song or album by voice command. Instead, you have to be content with playlists of the respective artist. Even within these limitations apply: You can only skip or repeat a song six times per hour.

Also, the free version of Amazon Prime Music does not allow the selection of individual titles and albums. Like YouTube Music, users are limited to playlists. Users in the US can call them up using voice commands such as “Alexa, play music from the 80s” or “Alexa, play the ‘Imagine Dragons’ channel”. Whether and when users in Germany will receive a free version of Amazon Prime Music is unclear. Also not known at present, whether the future use of Alexa speakers from other manufacturers will be possible.