Amazon and Google have apparently agreed. In the near future you should be able to watch YouTube again on the popular Fire TV . The reverse is also possible – from Amazon Prime Video to Google Chromecast .

Both companies are thus making their services available again on the set-top box of the other company, as Amazon and Google announce in a joint press release. Already in the coming months, both tech giants want to support the other’s apps again. Accordingly, you have to wait a little while before, for example, you can watch YouTube on your Amazon Fire TV again.

YouTube app finally back

This ends a dispute that lasted more than a year. Since early 2018, users have been unable to access YouTube through their Amazon Fire TV . And even products from Google subsidiary Nest, for example, were no longer available in the offer of mail order. Conversely, owners of a Chromecast dongle did not need to stream movies and series available via Amazon Prime Video.

At least this dispute ends earlier than the dispute between Apple and Amazon. Users of an Apple TV had to wait over two years before the companies came to an agreement. Since the end of 2017, the Amazon Prime Video app is available again on the Apple TV . And Amazon is now selling Apple products again.