The Xiaomi Mi9 SE is on the way: The low-priced version of Xiaomi’s new top smartphone comes to Europe – as well as the more expensive model of the series . For a mid-range smartphone, it has a lot of power, but the price is relatively cheap.

At the end of March, we still speculated that the Xiaomi Mi9 SE would soon be out of China . Now the smartphone is already available in Europe, as GSMArena reports. With 128 GB of internal memory, it will cost 399 euros in the Netherlands. This would be around 100 euros cheaper in this region than the top model Xiaomi Mi9 with 128 GB of storage space.

50 euros between upper and middle class

The Mi9 with 64 GB of internal memory is, however, only 50 euros more expensive than the Xiaomi Mi9 SE with 128 GB of memory. The former model belongs to the top smartphones, the SE variant, however, the upper middle class. It is still unclear whether the difference in Germany will be just as small. Since you can already acquire the Mi9 in this country , we assume that even his little brother here will soon be on the shelves.

The Xiaomi Mi9 SE is a little smaller than the top model: It has a 5.97-inch screen, but still offers you a large screen. The screen also has a fingerprint sensor installed. It’s powered by the Snapdragon 712 – a mid-range chipset with plenty of power. In addition, the device offers a triple camera. The lenses offer you a resolution of 48 MP, 13 MP and 8 MP.