Xiaomi has a very active community of users, the My Fans, who meet in the forums to talk about virtually any topic, as well as give suggestions on what does not work well or what news they would like to see in future updates of MIUI .

These suggestions do not fall on deaf ears, but are now being compiled in this thread (in Chinese), which will be updated every week with the suggestions that have been accepted and therefore will be added sooner or later to MIUI . Now we have the first list, which is quite extensive.

Suggestions that will reach MIUI

As the publication in the forum indicates, it is only a summary of all the suggestions sent by the usersthat have been accepted for their development, as well as the response of the development teams on the suggestions. It is a bit flexible in that not all of them may end up becoming reality and in the same way, there will be functions that are not on the list but end up being carried out.

The list consists of two parts: the first are those suggestions that, in principle, will be carried out . When, it is another issue, but in principle they have been accepted and therefore it will be tried to take to MIUI in a future update. They are the following:

  • Option to not unlock the phone automatically when using facial recognition, but to have to slide before.
  • New Dolby effects and audio effects
  • Allow to use both the facial release and fingerprint sensor at the same time.
  • Optimize the energy saving mode.
  • Unlock the phone with voice commands.
  • Improvements in the timer.
  • Support for privacy in video albums.
  • Global dark mode.
  • Improve the cleanliness of junk files.
  • Add vertical text to the photo editor.
  • Delete the installation package after installing an application.
  • Improvements in the image gallery.
  • Allow cancel off timer.
  • Add magnifying glass when selecting text.
  • Children mode
  • Add handwritten notes to the notes app.
  • Reminder of the time to sleep.
  • Add emergency information to the lock screen.
  • Improve the lock screen.
  • New loading animation

Suggestions in consideration

On the other hand, other suggestions are still in the “possible” box . That is to say, at the moment Xiaomi has not had time to consider them and decide if they are going to be carried out or not. They are the following:

  • Show the frames per second on the screen.
  • To mark text messages as read or delete from notifications.
  • Automatically delete SMS from spam.
  • Allow zoom when playing video.
  • Join videos
  • Add map to albums.
  • Improve the hiding of applications.