Microsoft has introduced two interesting new products for gamers. For one thing, the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is now official. On the other hand, the company announced the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate – through which you can save money every month.

The special feature of the Xbox One All-Digital Edition is that it comes without a drive. Visually, it hardly differs from the standard version of the console , as the picture above this article shows. The only noticeable difference is the missing slot for game discs. The rumor that we recently reported has come true in this regard.

Xbox One S All-Digital Edition available in May

Owners of an Xbox One All-Digital Edition must always download games. Microsoft justified the missing drive with the fact that the “appetite for digital contents” is larger than ever before. However, you can also purchase digital games through an Xbox One S with a drive. Incidentally, the competition continues to rely on game discs: Even the PlayStation 5 own a drive .

The real advantage of the new Xbox is the cheaper price: The All-Digital Edition costs 229.99 euros and is about 15 euros cheaper than the standard version – at least at Microsoft. Third party sell the console with drive currently around 200 euros. This includes the variant without drive “Minecraft”, the racing game “Forza Horizon 3” and the pirate fun “Sea of ​​Thieves”  included.

Regrettably, Microsoft has not donated a larger hard drive to the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition – even though your entire game collection needs to fit into it. The capacity of 1 TB should be enough for average users. The new game system can now be preordered in the Microsoft Store. From May 7, 2019, it will be available in stores.

Game Pass Ultimate includes Xbox Live Gold

In addition to the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, Microsoft has also introduced the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This combines the well-known Xbox Game Pass with a membership in Xbox Live Gold . In Germany, this combination will cost about 13 euros a month, reports Golem. For comparison: If you conclude both subscriptions individually, monthly costs of about 19 € come to you. The Game Pass costs just under € 10, Xbox Live depending on the term up to € 9.

The offer is therefore quite attractive for those who want to use both services. The Xbox Game Pass is a game flatrate that provides access to all Microsoft games and various legacy titles from third-party developers. Xbox Live Gold is needed to play online. In addition, subscribers to this service will receive several free Xbox One and Xbox 360 games each month.

For all users, however, the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will be available “later in the year”. Microsoft is currently testing the offer as part of its insider program: some of the participants can now try the subscription combination. Since nothing changes in the two services, the question arises as to what findings Microsoft expects from the test phase.