Apple continues to develop its service offering: Perhaps the company says goodbye to its previous iTunes concept. In the future Apple could divide the program into several apps – and thereby create a clearer offer for the users.

Apple should at least consider offering some features of iTunes as separate apps, reports Softpedia. The company could announce the separation as part of the developer conference WWDC 2019 – and shortly thereafter implement. This step could mean a better user experience, since Apple would simplify iTunes itself a lot. In addition, Apple would have a more straightforward app offering – which fits well with the new strategy, the greater focus on services.

New wave of “marzipan apps”

Apple is to release several stand-alone apps from iTunes. These include, for example, applications for books, podcasts and even music to the iOS developer Steve Troughton-Smith. These could, among other things, complement the new TV app under macOS. This should be the next wave of so-called “marzipan apps”. Apple itself is silent as usual so far on the assumptions regarding its long-term plans.

Marzipan apps are programs that run on Mac and iPhone. According to rumors, the “Project Marzipan” should start no later than 2021 . The required developer kit could become official during WWDC 2019. Accordingly, we expect to receive new information about the project at the beginning of June: The WWDC with news about iOS and macOS will start on June 3rd .