Google News is widely used on Android smartphones. On request, the service will provide you regularly with news that may interest you. Soon it could be over – thanks to an EU decision.

On April 15, 2019, the majority of EU member states approved copyright reform – including Germany. The EU Parliament had previously given the green light. The individual countries now have to integrate the rules into their national legislation within the next two years, reports Tagesschau on its website. While in Germany, especially Article 13 led to protests, another could bring about the end of Google News in Germany or the EU.

Google News: Termination for Article 11?

Google said in 2018 that it considered Article 11 of the copyright reform to be of concern. This describes an ancillary copyright for publishers. It could cause the search engine giant to pay a fee for displaying article clippings in Google News. In the countries that actually demand it, the company could stop its service, Google threatened at that time .

That this announcement is quite serious, shows the past: 2014, the company hired Google News in Spain, because it should pay levies to website owners. This resulted in a dramatic collapse of views on many websites.

However, a Google News posting seems less likely in this country than in other parts of the EU. Because of pressure from the publishers, Google had temporarily already removed text excerpts from its news. The negative effects on the number of visitors to the websites eventually led to a rethinking of their operators.