Huawei phones are very popular in many countries. But there are a variety of smartphone series of the Chinese manufacturer. With the variety of different names and additional designations you can get lost in the model jungle. We clear the thicket and show you the differences of the Huawei Smartphone models and which device is best for whom.

  • Huawei smartphones in comparison: P, Mate, Smart and Y
  • Upper class: P and Mate series
  • Middle class: P smart series
  • Beginner Models: Y Series
  • There are subtle differences within the classes

The prime example of a clear range of smartphones is Apple – at least that was the case until recently. Formerly came after a new iPhone model with a specific number in the year after the S-version, a year later, the number was increased again. After the iPhone 4 came the 4S, then iPhone 5, then 5S, and so on. But even Apple has strayed from the path of simplicity, currently there is next to the model iPhone XS the slightly cheaper iPhone XR and the predecessor iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. And then there is also the flagship iPhone XS Max and the larger Plus models of iPhone 7 and iPhone 8.

Which Huawei Smartphone is the best?

But unlike Apple, the smartphone range of many other manufacturers is a little clearer, such as Samsung or Huawei . What sounds like a disadvantage, but in practice can also be an advantage, because the users have a greater choice in Android. The Chinese manufacturer has several current smartphones from different series on offer, such as the Huawei P30, Huawei Mate 20 Pro or the Huawei P Smart. There are also other models such as the Y series. But what differentiates the Huawei Smartphone models and for whom is which device best suited? We guide you through the jungle of Huawei Smartphone models to the best smartphone for you.

Huawei P-Series: The flagship and its cheap alternatives

If you do not want to compromise on smartphones, you will find it in the Huawei P series. Huawei explicitly spells out perfect design and top photography. The current Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro models are absolute top-of-the-line phones that compete with the iPhone XS and the Samsung Galaxy S10. The Chinese manufacturer uses high-end technology, focuses on chic design and packs exciting new products into every model generation.

But razor-sharp is not the separation: A special case is namely the Huawei P30 Lite. Yes, it actually belongs to the P series, but it is rather slimmed down to its siblings and therefore more likely to be middle class. Which noticeably pushes the price down.

Huawei smartphone models: Pro vs. Lite

In several smartphone series Huawei uses the additions “Pro” and “Lite” on some devices. Compared to the base model like the Huawei P30, the Pro model is better equipped, offers an even larger display and an even better camera, but the Lite model comes along with a little less. For example, the P30 Lite eliminates splashing protection, the more powerful processor, and only provides 4 instead of 6GB of memory compared to the P30.

Pro is a bit more expensive, while bargain hunters who do not need high-end technology at every point can also save with a model like the Huawei P30 Lite. For functional it is always and looks just as chic as the expensive siblings. Incidentally, Huawei proceeds with the previous generations as well, ie the P20 Pro is superior to the Huawei P20, the P20 Lite is slimmed down.

Huawei’s smart middle class

But that was not the case with the Huawei P series. One also stumbles on the models Huawei P Smart and Huawei P Smart +. Both belong to the middle class, but are still a bit below the P30 Lite in terms of performance and features, in other words the lower middle class.

P Smart + does not necessarily mean that it has a larger display compared to the P Smart. Rather, it is a technically improved version, the 2019 model of the Huawei P Smart + comes with, for example, a triple camera and is a good choice for users who do not want to spend a lot of money on a cell phone, but still appreciate a good camera.

Huawei Mate Series: Mate 20 & Co. are workhorses

The biggest puzzle with a new Huawei phone is the difference between the P and Mate series. Because even smartphones like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro belong to the upper class among smartphones. The Huawei Mate X is even the first mobile phone with folding display from Huawei at the start, a major technical novelty.

So what distinguishes Huawei P and Mate? Mate stands for high-end pixels and processors at Huawei. In other words, the best display technology is used and the fastest processors available work under the hood. The P series is primarily about design and photo features – so mats are the workhorses of Huawei smartphones. Even if the devices of the P-series also have a lot on the box.

Beginners take the Huawei Y series

In the whole variety overwhelmed should look at the Huawei Y-series, because it is completely in the entry-level class at home. The current Huawei Y7 should also appeal to users who do not want to strain their wallets too much and value simple functionality. Among the Y-smartphones from Huawei you get a smartphone for less than 200 euros.

But that does not mean that you get stale technology for that: Huawei donated the “little ones” a solid equipment, such as a large 6.26 inch display, reduces the resolution compared to the more expensive models. The battery is sufficiently powerful, so you should come with the Huawei Y7 well through the day. For the cameras is no longer expected as dual technology. In general, the Y models always give you a tad less. That means slower Wi-Fi, less memory and no high-end ports. Target group are thus users who are looking for a cheap mobile phone.