If you want to buy a new phone, you can spend a lot of money. The right timing can be crucial to save money. But when is the perfect time to buy a smartphone from Apple, Samsung or Huawei? We have a few tips.

  • If you buy a smartphone at the right time, you can save money
  • When publishing a new device, the previous model is usually cheaper
  • Discounts, cheap contracts and Co. are available all year round

According to a study by the Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media, German users had to  spend an average of 426 euros on a new smartphone in 2018  . This is not a cardboard handle and the price trend shows up when you look at top smartphones such as Apple iPhone XS Max, Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus or Huawei P30 Pro. But there are several tips to get low on a new smartphone. So it usually pays to wait for the right time to buy.

When to buy a new phone?

The question of when are smartphones the cheapest can not be answered unambiguously. The one day of the year, when suddenly every mobile phone is cheap, does not exist. But what exists are certain strategies. These are either helpful to get cheap to any smartphone or even work with certain manufacturers or models.

So if you already have a concrete idea that it should be an Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or Huawei Mate, you will find the appropriate tips below. In any case, it pays to think early on what it should be for a device. This applies to the features of the phone, such as what camera or display the new smartphone should have, but also for the trappings. Does it need a contract or not, how expensive may it be in total and how much mobile data volume does it take to surf without hesitation?

Cheap instead of expensive: tips for special cases

Hardly anyone can do without their own mobile phone today. Because that would mean, no Internet, no apps and no camera, which is always at hand, available. So if the current device is lost or broken, at least, as far as the date of purchase is concerned, there is no great choice. On the contrary, it should probably go as fast as possible. The time of purchase is thus set to “best immediately”.

Whoever is flexible with the manufacturer of the new smartphone, looks best for  current offers . If it is absolutely an iPhone or the decision has fallen in advance on a Huawei Mate or Samsung Galaxy, it may take some time until the cheapest device is found. Basically, there are always savings options, if not only the latest top model is eligible, but also middle-class or older devices are considered. If you want to be inspired, you will find it in the ADITECHS top lists according to taste current and older models as well as mobile phones, which score particularly well with a certain function, in the comparison. Maybe also bundles from smartphone and contract are an option. Otherwise, it means: pay the price that is currently estimated. Which that is, reveal price search engines.

When are smartphones from Apple the cheapest?

Compared to model ranges such as Huawei Mate or Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhones are quite price stable throughout the year, much to the chagrin of many prospective buyers. Nevertheless, apply to Apple, the general market rules: That is, when a new iPhone model comes, the price of its predecessor cheaper.

Since Apple usually introduces new iPhones in the fall and then brings them into the Christmas business, it is worthwhile to look for offers for the predecessors from the summer on. If it has to be the latest iPhone, a possible alternative is a bundle of  iPhone and contract . But that only applies if the tariff is suitable for your own use. Otherwise, it is also on iPhones: waiting is usually cheaper. Also, a purchase just before Christmas is likely to be more expensive, because then many need suddenly a gift and the discounts disappear.

When are smartphones from Samsung the cheapest?

Apart from Apple, the beginning of the year is crucial for many smartphone manufacturers. Fairs like the CES in Las Vegas or the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona are popular platforms for presenting trends. Although Samsung often organizes its own events, for example, to introduce its Galaxy models, there are the novelties usually in the spring. That’s a good time to buy the predecessor models.

In general, the Android competition can not keep the prices as long as Apple. Toward autumn, the smartphones of the manufacturer are often already a bit cheaper. But even those who do not want to wait so long, can save. The keyword is also for Samsung devices: bundle. So there is the  Galaxy S10  along with high-quality headphones, contract and Amazon voucher on top.

When are smartphones from Huawei the cheapest?

Huawei also introduces new smartphones usually around the MWC, that was the case with the Huawei P30, for example. If the new phones are outside, the prices for the predecessor, in the case for the Huawei P20. Whoever wants the latest technology, for whom predecessor models are not the right thing. But sometimes the differences are not that important. If you can make smaller compromises on the display, the camera, the Android used and a few details, is also well-advised with an older model. Last year’s models also usually continue to receive operating system updates as well as new functions and apps.

Special promotions and savings events

Sometimes it seems like technology is going to have a downright discount battle all year round anyway. So there are always special promotions at different times. Black Friday deals and the grouped promotions are special days worth looking out for bargains. Even with the launch of new smartphones, there are often more favorable offers. For example , the Huawei P30 Pro started with  interesting offers , which included a contract, a smartwatch and a shopping voucher.