Especially if you write longer texts about WhatsApp, typing via the smartphone keyboard could be tedious in the long run. For prolific writers and owners of an iPad, there is probably good news: The Messenger is apparently for the Apple tablet in work.

The WhatsApp experts from WABetaInfo have discovered evidence of an iPad version of the messenger. Apparently, this is hidden in a trial version of the app, but is not yet available to the beta users directly. It can be assumed that this will change with one of the next updates already.

Write with overview and keyboard

WhatsApp apparently offers on the iPad the functions that you already know from the smartphone. The developers probably use the larger screen of the tablet for a little more overview. You should be able to see both the active chat window and your other contacts at the same time. The design is reminiscent of the Facebook Messenger. So you can quickly switch between conversations.

On the iPad, you also probably have a larger screen keyboard available. This should make it easier for you to type in long texts. For even more comfort is likely to provide a physical keyboard. Apple and some third-party manufacturers ( such as Logitech ) offer appropriate accessories for the tablet series, including the iPad Pro (2018) .

However, it is not yet known when the iPad version of WhatsApp will be officially available to all users. In addition, it remains unclear whether you can use the app at all on the iPad and on your smartphone at the same time. It would be possible: After all, you can also use WhatsApp Web and the mobile app at the same time.