Do you know that? You have long ago written off a group chat and archived it in WhatsApp. Months later, however, a friend comes up with the idea to share a funny video in his chat. Suddenly the conversation re-emerges in your overview and you receive many notifications because each participant comments on the clip – but that annoys you and you have to archive the conversation again. The developers are working to ensure that archived chats will soon be where you sort them.

In the current Android beta of WhatsApp, the developers have added a new feature. Translated, the function is named “Ignore archived chats”. According to WABetaInfo, the option allows once archived chats to not reappear in your overview as soon as there is new news. This is to prevent you from having to re-archive chats. Obviously, you can even reply to messages without the conversation getting into the overview. In addition, you will not receive notifications when a person writes something in an archived chat.

Archived chats at new location

Still the feature in the test version of WhatsApp is deactivated. For the developers there is still a lot to do, until it works properly. In a few weeks, all users of the messenger “Ignore archived chats” but could already receive. Apparently, the innovation since 2018 in development – previously, however, it was referred to as a “holiday mode” .

With one of the upcoming updates WhatsApp also probably changes the location where you can find your archived chats. In the future these will be located in a sub-item of the same name on your main menu. This new feature is available to Android users as of beta version 2.19.191.