As revealed by the WABetaInfo blog , the Facebook instant messaging application owned by Facebook would be testing a new feature called Search by Image that allows you to search Google Images for a photo received in a chat to check whether it is a photo from the Internet or a photo taken by the user.

WhatsApp is an application in constant advance and transformation to offer a good service to the millions of users who use it every day. All these new features are subjected to a testing phase before moving to a new version of the app.

This new function in tests would be included in version 2.19.73 of the application that can be tested by users assigned to the WhatsApp Betatesters program .

In a week in which Facebook has shown its determination to end the Fake News , this new feature can be interpreted as a new tool to end the hoaxes and false news that is disseminated thanks to the WhatsApp groups.

Since WhatsApp are aware of the importance of fighting the misinformation produced by false news, so it would not be unreasonable to think that this new function could become another tool to end the spreading of hoaxes through the groups of WhatsApp, one of the main means of disseminating this type of content.

When selecting a photo in a chat and accessing the Search by Image function , the application asks the user to confirm the use of the external service of Google Images since it needs to open the browser and access the results of Google. Thus, a user who receives a photo that is associated with a supposed news, can check whether the photo really corresponds to that news or the content has been “manufactured” from an image obtained from the Internet.

At the moment there is no confirmation on the date on which this function can reach the final version of WhatsApps, or even if it will come some day, as it is usual for WhatsApp Beta versions to try functions that finally never arrive to the final version of the application.