Nothing is more annoying than if your phone accidentally fell into the water. Damage caused by moisture can cause the electronics to fail completely, so it may be very difficult to save data from the device.However, to prevent a total failure, you can take action. In addition, we clarify whether you can avert at least a financial loss by insurance.However, we can already tell you that if a liquid defect occurs, your guarantee will usually not work.

Is the Android smartphone or iPhone waterproof?

Water contact is not always the end for a smartphone. This is especially true for more recent models. Many manufacturers now rely on their phones for protection against water. For Apple applies in principle: Since the iPhone 7, all models are waterproof and should at least survive undaunted immersion in shallow fresh water.

Which Android smartphone is waterproof, you can usually already on the manufacturer’s website. Most of this information is also on the packaging in which the cell phone was delivered. Search here for information such as IP67. This is the so-called IP rating, which indicates how well the device is protected against moisture. The second digit – in our example the “7” – indicates the protection against water. The higher the number, the better the protection. From a “6”, the device is protected against water jets, from a “7” against entertaining submersion.

But beware: with your smartphone, the protection against water ages too. So after a few years, it may not be protected from the ingress of liquids as indicated. For safety’s sake you should avoid contact with water if possible.

Smartwatches can also be dried according to our instructions. 
Unless they’re waterproof like the Apple Watch (from Series 2) 

Switch off the device immediately

If your smartphone has fallen into the water and is not adequately protected against damage, you should first switch off the device completely. Usually you have to hold on to the power button longer. The corresponding shutdown menu should then appear directly.

It is very important that you turn it off: Just because the device still works right after the water contact does not mean it is undamaged. Corrosion can also lead to a defect later. Even shorts can give you a damage much later.

Of course, if your phone is still connected to the power cable, you should not pick it up directly from the water. In the worst case you could get an electric shock. For this reason, a charging smartphone should never be within range when you take a bath.

That’s how you dry your smartphone

You should dry your smartphone with a towel, then remove your SIM and microSD card and its sled. Now puts the phone to dry for at least 24 hours. Do not turn it on during this time. It helps if you stow it in an airtight bag with rice. This can bind moisture from the environment and thus contribute to complete drying.

If you want to be sure, the device will remain in the bag for two days. Then you can bring it out and turn it on again. With luck, it has survived the water contact. If this is not the case, you only have to send the device to the manufacturer or a repair service – or to buy a new phone.

Tips to save mobile
A freezer bag protects the smartphone not only on the beach, but can also help with drying rice 

From aids such as hair dryer, heating and oven you should refrain. Otherwise, condensation can lead to even more damage. Of course, you should not even get the idea to use the microwave to dry.

Does a mobile phone insurance help?

While manufacturers do not see water damage as a warranty case, some insurances look different. There are some vendors who sell you a mobile phone insurance that also covers moisture damage. So if you think you’ll accidentally drop the phone into the water at some point, you should take out insurance like that.


  • Some smartphones are waterproof. You will find the so-called IP rating on the manufacturer’s website or usually on the packaging
  • The second digit of the IP rating indicates how well the phone is protected against water. From a “7” or higher, it will survive a brief dip
  • Over time, water protection can also be reduced in watertight models
  • If the phone has fallen into the water, you should get it out immediately and switch off
  • If the smartphone has landed in the water with the charger plugged in, you will need to disconnect the power before you get it out
  • Builds SIM and microSD with sled
  • Place the phone in an airtight bag of rice to absorb moisture
  • After at least 24 hours (better: 48 hours) you can get the device out of the bag again
  • There are cell phone insurance policies that also cover moisture damage