Today we are going to talk about a part of the software of many devices and that we can find in most of today’s mobiles and computers, do you know what Bloatware is and what is it? We tell you

After buying a new mobile , you are ready to turn it on and organize it according to your accounts and applications. That moment of emotion when you gradually discover the different functions of the software  is overshadowed when you start to see a multitude of applications that do not interest you or serve you at all. That is the so-called  Bloatware .

We’re going to travel a second back in time, when computers were big square boxes. The memory systems had very little space , which required developers to create applications that took up as little space as possible.

As the hard disks were evolving and their technology became cheaper, the developers were relaxed and their  systems and applications began to get fat. It was no longer necessary to reduce the system to the minimum expression, and the problem is that this increase in weight was not always proportional to the growth and improvement of the functions, that is, there was excess baggage.

This was when the term Bloatware was coined or in Spanish inflated software  (or fill). The term referred to those unnecessary or dispensable resources  of a system that despite not being useful were left and ended up occupying space in the memory of the device.

Applications with very basic functions occupied a disproportionate amount of space , not to mention software updates that also spent large amounts of device resources, such as data when downloaded. 

Bloatware today

However, over time the meaning of the word Bloatware has been extended to other uses. If you ever find this term in articles or analysis of a mobile like those we did in Computer Today , know that we are referring to the applications that are already pre-installed in a device just turn it on for the first time .

What is bloatware

We are not talking about critical applications such as the image gallery, the contact list or the camera, but the other applications of the manufacturer or third parties that when you turn on the device are already installed without you choosing whether you want them or not.

This set of applications are also referred to derogatively as crapware . And they usually end up in our devices because the developers pay the manufacturers to include them and so the brands get a little more profitable product.

The most extreme cases are usually those of the mobile phones offered by the operators at lower prices . These companies also ask the manufacturer to include their applications that include those of the software developer such as Android and those of the manufacturer as the entire range of applications of Xiaomi, for example.

Uninstall Bloadtware from mobile

Sometimes this bloatware is usually useful, we can find applications to read QR code, recorders, calculators or a calendar. Although other times we can choose better applications from other developers, whatever the case is normal is to be able to uninstall most applications in case you do not want to use them.

Depending on the type of device and its operating system, there are different ways to uninstall it without harming the rest of the system.