Visual Studio was born in 1997 and, little by little, it has become the code editor par excellence. Microsoft has been turning, and increasingly, to the multiplatform segment, and it is a philosophy also adopted by Visual Studio. Now, with Visual Studio Online , that goal goes a step further.

Within Build 2019, the developer conference held a few days ago by Microsoft, the Redmond company has announced the launch of Visual Studio Online . It is an online code editor that we can use from the browser, so we will not have to install any editor and we can work wherever we want.

Visual Studio 2019 was released a few weeks ago, being a programming environment for Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, web and Azure, and thanks to artificial intelligence, we have help to complete the code.

These artificial intelligence aids will also be present in Visual Studio (it’s called IntelliCode ). The environment will be very familiar to those who use Visual Studio, since it is based on Visual Studio Code .

In addition to allowing online programming, Visual Studio Online will allow collaborative work on our projects with other developers. We can access Visual Studio Online through this link .

At the moment, Visual Studio Online is in beta format and we do not know when it will reach the public, but it is certainly a big step forward, since programmers will be able to write similar desktop tools from any PC.