It’s not very attractive when you switch to kiss while kissing to find the trigger for a selfie on your Pixel 3 . Google brings the romance now by updating the Google Camera back and also provides for nicer smooching images.

The focus of the innovation is the so-called photo box mode of the Google Camera app. He developed Google for the Pixel 3 based on his smart home camera Google clips. The gadget is not yet available on the German Google Store. But her ability is that she independently recognizes special moments and captures them on photos. The detection of such situations has now been extended by Google. After an update, the Google Camera app of the Pixel 3 should recognize when you kiss in front of the camera – and take a picture.

Pixel 3 is not just waiting for the kiss

In a post by the Google Artificial Intelligence blog, developers reveal how the technology behind kiss detection actually works. The exciting thing is that not only the mouth plays a role. In parallel, the software also evaluates the facial expressions of all persons in front of the camera. This should finally be ensured that none of the parties dedicated to the phone instead of the partner.

It is still open, whether the new function of the Google camera app will reach also other smartphones in the future than the pixel 3 and the pixel 3 XL. According to the report, the feature is currently optimized for the dual front camera on Google devices. Nevertheless, it is conceivable that the function may be adapted in the context of Android Q for other smartphones with a compatible camera setup.