Mobile phones with notch arrived to keep their advantages and disadvantages. It is true that they allow increasing the amount of screen available on the front of a mobile phone, but it is also true that sometimes they give problems, such as hiding the notification icons. One of the brands that is having the most problems in this regardXiaomi, whose mobile with notch systematically hide these icons.

The PocoPhone F1 , the Xiaomi Mi 9 or the Redmi Note 7 are three examples of what is happening: a message arrives and the icon appears in the upper left area, but only for a few moments. Then, it disappears completely and you must scroll the notification bar to see it again.

It is a pressing problem and particularly annoying, especially because it has no reason to be. Xiaomi could have made the icons always appear in the notification bar, and in fact is working on an update to get it, a new version of MIUI that has not yet arrived.

Meanwhile, a user of the XDA-Developers photos has created a solution: an unofficial application that allows you to always see the notifications in MIUI . While the brand publishes the update that solves their problems, surely many appreciate it.

You can download it for free from Google Play and it’s called Notch Notifications by MIUI . Once you have it, you must grant permissions and set the X and Y axis according to the size and resolution of your mobile phone’s screen.

Basically this app what it does is to create a false notification icon in the same place where the real one , the one generated by the system, should go .

It is a compromise solution meanwhile, and it is apparently in the Chinese brand are taking with some tranquility the promised update that finally seems to come soon.

This problem is not the first one we see on Xiaomi phones lately. You have to remember that several of your smartphones do not allow you to use face unlocking if the region you have selected in Settings is Spain. You must move it to someone else so that it starts working.