After numerous rumors surrounding the new AirPods, Apple has now introduced the second generation of its in-ear headphones. It is not a completely new model, but a further development of the bestseller.

The design of the In-Ears has not changed. A key new feature is the integrated H1 chip that Apple has developed specifically for headphones. This ensures, among other things, according to the manufacturer for a more efficient performance, a faster connection and more talk time. The latter increases by 50 percent in the new AirPods compared to its predecessor – ie by about one hour. The H1 chip also has “a special audio architecture and offers a revolutionary audio experience” and “improved synchronization” according to Apple.

AirPods (2019): Siri listens

In addition, the in-ears Siri let you activate by voice command (“Siri hands-free”). After alerting the digital assistant with the words “Hey, Siri”, you can ask them for a favor as usual. On request, she plays about a particular song on the AirPods, regulates the volume, starts a call on your iPhone or organizes directions for you.

Apple new Airpods
The new AirPods come in the usual design (© 2019 Apple)

With the standard case, the new AirPods cost 179 euros. For 229 euros instead a new wireless Qi-Ladecase is included in the delivery, which individually beats with 89 € and is also compatible with the first generation of In-Ears. An LED indicator on the front of the case informs you about the battery level. You can order the AirPods and the wireless charging case in the Apple Store already. The delivery will take place from March 26, 2019. Whether the new generation of headphones actually brings a better sound, but has yet to show.