Many users are reporting that after installing the latest update of Windows 10 , they have seen that the performance of your computer has dropped a lot when running games, and Microsoft has admitted the problem.

Practically no longer surprising that with each new update of Windows 10 there are different problems reported by the user community, and the latter affects in particular the performance of your games .

The concrete is talking about the cumulative update KB4482887 , which in addition to having included a large amount of error correction in the operating system, has also affected incomprehensibly the performance of the computer when it comes to moving games like Destiny 2 .

This cumulative update launched on March 1, has caused some users to notice ” that the graphics and the performance of the mouse is degraded after installing it .” Microsoft has acknowledged the problem and claims to be working on another new update that solves a problem that could leave you without enjoying your favorite video games this weekend.

If you have been affected by this latest update of Windows 10 and see that the performance in your games is worse than before, the only solution you have about it is to uninstall the update to recover the performance you had previously.

Although in principle most performance reports are related to video games, there are some users who also indicate that the overall performance of their team has been affected to perform other actions. Among these additional problems are sound issues or certain captors have stopped working.