New smartphones, new smartwatch, are missing only new headphones.Samsung also had the presentation of the Galaxy S10: The Galaxy Buds should round off the ecosystem of the South Koreans.

With the Gear IconX, Samsung has long been offering wireless headphones. However, they are not really smart despite their fitness function. That should make the Galaxy Buds, an improved version of IconX, better. The functionality was reminiscent of a mix of Apple’s AirPod and the Pixel Buds of Google. However, the Galaxy Buds can also do a little more than the models of the competitors.

In cooperation with AKG

The important thing is the sound in the first place. Here, of course, Samsung relies on the knowledge of AKG. The expertise of the audio brand should ensure that the Galaxy Buds sound particularly good, but users do not run the risk of missing approaching cars in traffic. A feature called “Quick Ambience Sound” is meant to make you feel your surroundings even with the Galaxy Buds in your ears. You can even customize these to your needs. In addition, the manufacturer installed two dual microphones, which should also ensure that you understand the other person on the phone well.

In addition, Samsung emphasizes the simplicity of the Galaxy Buds. Thus, users should be able to pair the headphones easily and without a long search in the settings with their mobile device. Similar to the AirPods it should be enough to open the case case of the headphones near a smartphone or tablet. Samsung Apple has another thing in store: The charging case, where you can carry the Galaxy Buds, supports wireless charging. So you can just put it on a suitable charging mat (or on the back of the Galaxy S10).

Open and connect: It should be so easy with the Galaxy Buds.

Bixby on board

On the way, the Galaxy Buds should hear six hours of music or five hours of phone calls in one piece, according to the manufacturer. Together with the case, the time is extended to 13 hours (music) or 11 hours (phoning). In between, of course, you have to take a break to recharge your headphones. 15 minutes charging time should be sufficient for 1.7 hours of operation.

The last big news: Bixby gets aboard the Galaxy Buds. Samsung’s smart assistant, who meanwhile also understands German , activates her by voice. Afterwards, you can dictate messages to Bixby or check how long the Pixel Buds battery can last. This requires the connection to a Samsung smartphone or tablet.

Prices did not mention the manufacturer so far.