If we are somewhat careless, it is likely that we have a few duplicate files on the computer, where the songs or photographs stand out. Having a messy hard drive means that it is harder for us to find certain files. Also, if we have limited space to use an SSD drive, we can earn a few hundred MB by eliminating duplicate files. Therefore, we will make a compilation of the 5 best programs to eliminate duplicate files in Windows, being able to filter them by name, size, date of modification, etc.

AllDup: delete duplicate files as fast as possible

AllDup has one of the fastest search algorithms, being able to scan hundreds of GB in less than a minute. It allows exporting listings to CSV or TXT. Its interface is the most friendly with a wide variety of options in the menus. The program can even scan inside a ZIP or RAR file, or compare the contents of DOC, DOCX, RFT and TXT files. In the case of music, you can listen to it to quickly see the difference between the songs. Finally, it can be added to the context menu of the Windows file explorer. This in Spanish.

CloneSpy: delete files even of 0 bytes

This program is one of the simplest to eliminate duplicate files . It allows to find identical files and those that differ in a slight percentage in characteristics such as name, size or date of creation. This helps to eliminate old versions of the same file that we have, such as a text document, and thus preserve the most complete and recent. It also allows you to find files whose length is zero bytes.

Duplicate Cleaner: the most complete

Duplicate Cleaner is one of the most complete programs to eliminate duplicate files. We can compare files by name, size, date or type, even if the files are not the same, being able to touch up the degree of similarity. It is one of the most complete of the collection, so if you are looking to have a program of this style installed for a long time on your PC, it is an option that you can consider.

Anti-Twin: choose what to do with duplicates

Anti-Twin allows you to eliminate duplicate files and choose if you want to send them to the recycling bin to review them, or delete them directly . It is a good tool especially to compare photographs, since it allows you to preview them within the same program. In addition, it allows you to compare the photos by the pixels themselves, not just by size or name.

DoubleKiller: without installation

DoubleKiller is a very interesting option if you want to use it once and then delete it, since the program is portable and does not require installation . Thanks to this, the program does not leave any residual file on the PC after using it. Despite having an old interface, the program is quite complete. It allows searching and comparing files by name, format, size, date, or by checksums. It also allows you to exclude certain files from selections.

If you know another file comparator besides those that we have mentioned, do not hesitate to leave it in the comments.