With a Samsung Galaxy Watch on your wrist you can leave your smartphone in your pocket – and still read new WhatsApp messages. How to respond to these messages and what features are missing, you read in this guide.

Enable WhatsApp on Galaxy Watch

You can install numerous apps on your Samsung Galaxy Watch. Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not have its own app for the smartwatch. So you can not use the messenger without a smartphone. Your phone and watch need to be paired so you can chat on the wrist.

But the smartwatch can at least inform you about new news. To do this, you must first connect both devices together and then open the app “Galaxy Wearable” on your smartphone. Touch Settings and Notifications, and Manage Alerts. Scroll through the list to “WhatsApp”. Activate there, that your clock should inform you about new messages in the messenger. To read new texts, she turns the bezel.

Not all features available

If you have paired WhatsApp with your Galaxy Watch, you can receive messages and read – and also answer directly. How this works, you read below. However, you can not become active yourself and write a message or send a voice message to someone.

Unfortunately, the playback of voice messages does not support the Galaxy Watch. This also applies to videos and the display of images. The clock informs you at least about its entrance, so you can look on your smartphone. Once you’ve read (and responded to) a message, it also disappears from your wearable.

Answer messages with smartwatch

If somebody sends you a message, it will appear on your Samsung Galaxy Watch as soon as you turn the bezel. If you tap on “Read on” on the display, the device shows you the complete message. Even better: you have four options that you can use to answer directly – without having to get your smartphone out of your pocket. The mobile phone does not have to be unlocked for this. The watch will display a blue microphone icon that will help you quickly answer. Attention: You do not send a voice message but a dictated text message.

Alternatively, you tap the emoji mark and select one. Right next to it is another icon that shows a classic T9 keyboard. While the three mentioned icons are directly visible, the fourth option hides a bit: If you are looking at a message and want to answer, you do not have to tap on the trio, you can also swipe from the bottom up and select from preset quick answers. The general configuration you make in the app of the Galaxy Watch.