Many users seem to think that their phone charges faster when they turn it off. Whether this is true or a myth is now under investigation by a creator. The result you see in the video below.

YouTuber “TheUnlockr” carried out the test with both an Apple and an Android smartphone. He has used the iPhone Xs Max and the Huawei P30 Pro . The tester has been charging both devices for 15 minutes twice – once each on and off. He used in both cases the included charger.

No difference detectable

When switched on, the iPhone Xs Max reached a battery level of nine percent after 15 minutes. The Huawei P30 Pro was up to 43 percent charged after this time. After that, both devices went through the same test when switched off. The result is not different: Also in this experiment, the batteries were charged to nine or 43 percent.

Since the numbers are not only similar, but even exactly match, the tester comes to the following conclusion: Whether your phone is on or off, does not affect the charging speed. Only if your screen is actually active, the charging time could extend a bit.

But these differences are too negligible. In contrast, the charger used plays a decisive role: To benefit from the quick charge function of the iPhone Xs Max, you need a separately available power supply . Thus, the battery should have fueled significantly more power after 15 minutes than in the video.