Star Wars returns in December 2019 – apparently bringing along a lot of familiar characters. Disney has released a first teaser trailer for episode 9. Not only do we see Rey in it.

The clip for “Star Wars 9” celebrated its premiere in the context of the so-called “Star Wars Celebration Chicago”. At the event, Disney also announced the subtitle of the movie: “The Rise of Skywalker.” In the nearly two minute long clip (above this article) we see Rey, who prepares for an argument in the desert. Above it sounds the voice of Luke Skywalker with the final words: “But this is your fight.”

Chewie, Lando, BB-8 – and Palpatine

Then Rey jumps over a Tie Fighter with a backflip. However, the following fight does not appear in the teaser. According to CNET, it could be the so-called Tie Silencer of Ren, with the Rey still has a bill open.

Next we see Chewbacca and Lando Callrissian in the Millenium Falcon, also Finn and BB-8 appear for a brief moment. The teaser trailer for “Star Wars 9: The Rise of Skywalker” ends with a laugh commonly identified as that of Palpatine.

But what does all this mean? Does Palpatine re-emerge in Star Wars 9? Presumably, there will be numerous speculations in the next eight months, Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamill suspects on his Twitter account. Until 19 December 2019 there is time for theories – then the ninth part starts in the cinema, which is to complete the Skywalker saga.