A fitness watch that listens to you: Amazfit Verge is currently rolling out a new update. For the cheap wearable comes now Amazon Alexa. This will give you many new features. It will be especially handy if you have a few smart home lamps.

Amazfit Verge is now getting Amazon Update via Amazon in the first regions. In the future, you can according to press release so voice commands to the clock. For example, if you have smart home lights associated with Amazon’s AI Assistance, you can turn off the lights in your living room via the smart clock. But you can also access your calendar via Alexa or use other handy and funny voice commands .

Answer calls via smartwatch

However, from the source does not show how you set up Alexa on the Amazfit Verge. You probably have to do this in the Alexa app, which is available for Android smartphones and iPhones. There it should be possible to add the clock to your device list – as long as the feature has already reached your smartwatch.

Owners of an iPhone can look forward to another innovation: in the future, you can also accept phone calls with the Amazfit Verge, which are received on your Apple smartphone. However, it is not clear in detail from the message how you use the feature.

The Amazfit Verge is a fitness smartwatch, which is already available in this country. Currently you get the wearable for just under 120 euros. In addition to a 1.3-inch AMOLED display is also a heart rate sensor on board. The manufacturer promises a battery life of up to five days.