In addition to camera, performance and battery life updates are an important factor in smartphones. With regular updates, your phone is better protected against attackers. In addition, every now and then expect new features that make the operation easier. Stiftung Warentest has checked which manufacturers take particular care of their models.

From 2015 to February 2019, Stiftung Warentest tested 152 smartphones to see if they received regular updates. The most exemplary here is apparently Apple. This is not surprising: the new iOS versions also appear for iPhones that appeared more than three years ago. For example, with an iPhone 6s you are still as up to date as with an iPhone Xs . Many Android manufacturers usually distribute large updates only for two years after the release of a cell phone.

OnePlus in the front

Google takes second place. Reason for this should also be the monthly security updates for Android smartphones. Since Google Pixel models do not use a customized user interface, they often receive the corresponding updates very quickly.

In third place is OnePlus. This manufacturer has not distributed too many updates since early 2019 : The OnePlus 6T and older models still use Google’s security update from January 2019. After all, even the older OnePlus 3 will receivethe update to Android Pie . Fourth place is Huawei together with its daughter Honor. Smartphones like the P30 Pro and its predecessor remain largely current.

The fifth position is occupied by Samsung. The manufacturer has thus achieved a good place, although Stiftung Warentest has made the company hard: equal to 32 Samsung smartphones have reviewed the experts for their test. Including probably several mid-range and entry-level models, which probably receive much less updates than the flagships. Somewhat surprising: Sony is only in seventh position. Just a few years ago, this manufacturer was still a big role model for updates. The order determined by Stiftung Warentest looks like this:

  • Apple
  • Google Pixel and Nexus
  • OnePlus
  • Huawei and Honor
  • Samsung
  • Motorola and Lenovo
  • Sony
  • LG
  • HTC
  • Alcatel