Do not like to install many applications on your mobile or on your PC? The new web version of Skype is very convenient to use, and has the best features of version 8 of the application. Let’s see how to log in and how to use Skype Online.

Microsoft has been revolucing the Skype web version for a few months . The previous one did not finish liking the users, so last November he remodeled it completely. Let’s see how Skype Web (online) works: a guide to log in and use it.

After many laps, and even try to look like Snapchat, the new Skype web is based on the current version 8 of Skype, which is already the only one available, since version 7 and earlier, have been removed. In addition, the new Skype for Windows 10 app that has been included in Windows 10 October 2018 Update has also adopted the Skype version 8 interface.

The result is that, if you learn to use the web version of Skype , you will be able to handle the apps without problems, when you decide to install them. It is the best option if you only use Skype sporadically.

The only thing you have to keep in mind is that to use the best features of Skype web, including calls, you must use the latest versions of Chrome, or the Microsoft Edge browser . They do not work with Firefox and others. If you also want to make video calls, logically you will need to have a webcam and / or a microphone connected  (which can be on the webcam itself, or on headphones).

What can I do on Skype Web?

In Skype online it is possible to use Skype for Web instant messaging, your calls and video calls between two people or in a group . And all for free. There can be up to 300 contacts in an instant message chat, 25 contacts in a call, and up to 10 people in a group video call.

We are ready to see how Skype Web (online) works: a guide to log in and use it.

How to log in to Skype Web

The first thing we are going to do is, logically, access Skype in a web version and log in , to start using this version without installing anything. 

To access the online version of Skype, simply go to .

It will ask you to login:

You can do it with a phone number, a Microsoft account or a Skype account. If you do not have any of this, you can create a Microsoft account by clicking on Create one . You must enter an email or a phone to create it. Keep in mind that although it is called Microsoft account is not mandatory to use an Outlook email, you can create the account with a mail from Gmail or any other.

Once you have the account, log in with her, and you’ll be inside Skype Web.

Depending on when you read this article, it is possible that the old version or the new version of Skype appears by default. If it’s the old one you’ll see a message at the top indicating that it will expire very soon, and recommends using the new one, which is already in beta. Tap on Try it to access it:

For this tutorial we have used the new version, because it is the only one that will be available shortly. When you tap Try it (or if you appear directly on it), a small assistant will start to check if the camera and microphone work:

Once exceeded (you can skip it), the new version of Skype web will be shown :

Let’s see how to use Skype Web.

Skype Web configuration

As is usually done every time we start an application for the first time, before you start using it, it is best to configure it, to customize the use options.

To configure Skype Web we must touch on the button of the three horizontal points that are in the upper left area of ​​the screen:

A screen with multiple options will appear, which in turn opens new windows:

In Account and Profile we can add a photo to our profile, which is what our interlocutors will see.

In General , the language of the application, if it is in English by default.

In Appearance  we change the color of the messages for us or the different contacts, and thus differentiate them more easily in group talks.

In Calls we have the option to identify the calls, or to divert them to another device, or even to a conventional telephone:

In most cases it will take us to a new website with all the details of our Microsoft account that we are using, and there we can change the Skype-specific options that we have mentioned.

The Messages section allows us to change options such as the size of the emoticons, or the type of letter.

An important section is Contacts . Here are privacy options that should be removed:

In Receiving suggestions, we obtain suggestions for contacts that Microsoft has, on occasion, related to us. At the same time, it gets us into the searches and suggestions of other people.

There are more options, but these are the most important ones to start using Skype Web .

What kind of chats and calls can I make?

In Skype Web you can use instant messaging, and make calls and video calls with two or more people, completely free.

But this is only possible with people that you contact through Skype, either by entering your email, or your username in any Skype app (mobile, tablet, PC desktop application, etc).

If you want to call from Skype Web to a landline or mobile number , like a conventional call, you can do it, but you need to add credit to Skype, or buy a subscription.

To add credit, go to Settings, section Account and Profile and section here looking Manage . Click the Add fundsbutton to add credit that you can use to call, or to send SMS:

There is an option to obtain a Skype number, a local number in a certain country to make local calls, as if you were in that country. It is useful, for example, if you leave to study or work abroad. You have your family or your partner buy a local number, and you can talk like local calls.

Finally, with the option Money it is possible to request or send money to one of your contacts, so you can call by Skype. It’s interesting if you want to pay the call to someone, or you want to give credit to a relative, or a child.

Add contacts and communicate

Before we can communicate with someone, we have to add it to our contacts.

In the main screen of Skype Web , in the left column, we can use the search engine to locate people who have Skype.

If they do not appear, you have to use the Contacts icon . We press it, and then we touch on + Contact. We will see two ways to add contacts:

With Invite to Skype , you will obtain a link that we can send to an acquaintance by email, SMS, WhatsApp, or whatever we want. When you click on the link you will contact us through any Skype app, or with Skype Web . Once the two are in your respective contact lists, you can communicate.

With the option Add a phone number it is possible to add a landline or a mobile, but as we have said we will have to add credit to be able to call them.

Make a call or chat

Once we have a contact, we can communicate with him through the Chat or the Call :

If we add more contacts to a communication, it will become a chat or a group call. The call will be only voice, or video, depending on whether we have the camera activated or not.

If you simply want to test if the calls work, without disturbing anyone, you can call Echo / Sound Test Servic e, a Skype answering machine that will allow you to see if you receive and send voice.

Other new features of Skype Web

Skype Web has released new features in recent months. Let’s see some of the things we can do.

Share photos

To share photos with other people, start a conversation. During the call or chat, press the More (+) button to display the Content and the Tools . Here you will see a button Media and files , to share what you want:

The file browser will open so you can search for the photo you want to share. When you select, it will be loaded and will appear in the conversation history of all the participants.

Send a contact to another contact

During a chat, you will see that there is a button in the message window called Send contact.

Press it to send the data of one of your contacts. This way you will get friends of yours or co-workers to communicate with each other.

Emoticon suggestions

Do not know what emoticons to use at any time? You can let Skype Web suggest one.

When you are going to write a message, start with the open parenthesis symbol: ( 

As you type words, Skype will suggest emoticons related to it:

We have seen  Skype Web (online): a guide to log in and how to use it.