You may have already seen some videos in the series “Shot on iPhone Xs”. But one thing is for sure: Apple has released a new clip called “Do not mess with Mother Nature”. It’s the most impressive smartphone video yet, which we’ve seen so far.

Over a playing time of about one minute, the video shows us various nature shots. From the air, in the water or from the ground: The makers of the clip have captured different animals and beautiful panoramas. Even large mammals such as elephants, they have come pretty close to the shooting. Many of the pictures impress with strong colors, high contrast and many details. Ultimately, however, the level of detail is slightly lower than expensive professional cameras – it is ultimately clear that here “only” an iPhone Xs was used.

iPhone Xs had help

It looks as if a slow motion effect had been used in some recordings. In particular, the underwater shots also have a high degree of severity. Also noteworthy are the numerous close-ups, which even entice small insects exciting. The makers have even captured a complete snow avalanche – a not entirely harmless recording.

If you want to make an equally impressive video with your iPhone Xs now, you should consider something: For the recordings additional hardware was used. Probably tripods and additional lenses – for example, for close-ups of insects. In addition, professional image editing and editing should have contributed a lot to the look.