If you want to  save on your  Huawei P30 Pro battery, the smartphone offers many options for this ex factory. Although the built-in Octa-Core Kirin 980 consumes only little energy, you can still make optimizations. If you know the most important points, you can extend the runtime by several hours a day. The right tips and tricks can be found in this guide.

Save battery with Optimizer

With the Optimizer, Huawei provides you with a powerful tool to improve the battery life of your Huawei P30 Pro on Android 9.0 Pie. To do this, first open the optimizer and then tap the battery icon. If you want to let the automatics adjust the energy consumption, you can use “optimize battery usage” instead. With the feature , the Huawei P30 Pro automatically searches for problems and energy-hungry apps that reduce your runtime. This should be your first step.

You can find an analysis on consumption under “Details about battery usage” that will help you to discover apps with high power requirements. If applications require energy that you barely use, you should consider uninstalling . In principle, the artificial intelligence of the P series, however, should automatically limit the background activities of programs that have little or no use.

You also have “Smart Resolution” in the Optimizer for the Huawei P30 series. Via the function, the smartphone adjusts the display resolution to match your apps. This could lead to a blurred picture and should have little effect on the battery consumption .

Energy-saving mode for more battery life

The P30 Pro, like most Android smartphones, has multiple power-saving modes. Enabling “Power Saving” in the Optimizer limits apps and sounds, as well as background activity of apps . With Ultra Power Saving, apps in the background are even more limited. You may miss out on one or the other notification. Only the basic functions of the top smartphone will remain active. Including mobile data and WLAN. You can also switch off your Wi-Fi yourself in the quick access bar to save energy.

Huawei p30 pro
If the Huawei P30 Pro is empty despite the battery tips, you will need to 
recharge it via USB-C or wireless charging

Black makes Huawei P30 Pro more economical

The Huawei P30 Pro has  an OLED display as well as the Huawei Mate 20 Pro and  Huawei P20 Pro . The screen can turn individual pixels on and off . If something is displayed in black, your screen turns off in this area. And with this knowledge, you can save a lot of battery life: Basically, the screen is one of the biggest consumers in a smartphone. The more dark screen content you see, the better your battery life will be.

Many apps offer you a dark fashion. But Huawei still has a solution for the system itself. In the Optimizer you will find the option “Darken the surface colors”. Turning on the feature extends the life of the phone. Positive side effect: Especially in dark rooms, a darker appearance should be more pleasant .

Alternative: Plug in a small power bank

There’s another way you can improve the battery life of the P30 Pro. This is not completely free though . You should get yourself a power bank . There are now many cheap models on the market that you can even carry in your pants pocket. These usually have enough capacity to recharge your smartphone once or twice . Especially if you are traveling longer or would like to visit friends after a long day at work, you always have enough energy within reach for the Huawei camera smartphone.


  • With Huawei’s Optimizer, you can control power consumption
  • Uses “Optimize battery usage” to make your smartphone self-improving
  • Under “Details on battery usage” you can even discover apps that use a lot of electricity. You may not need some of them
  • “Smart Resolution” is likely to have little impact on battery life
  • With a power-saving mode, you can restrict the background activities of apps and reduce effects and sounds. The Huawei P30 series offers “power saving” and “ultra-power saving” options
  • The display of the P30 Pro can consume a lot of power. OLED screens consume less power when displaying black and dark colors. If you want to save battery power, you should activate “Set surface colors darker”
  • With a small compact powerbank you can double or even triple your battery life. So you should think about the purchase