Now, after having seen some phones such as the Galaxy S10 + that was already announced with 12GB of RAM, the South Korean manufacturer announces that it starts the mass production of its new 12GB LPDDR4X RAM modules . The next level in RAM and as explained by Samsung itself, with more capacity than many notebooks.

The race to have more RAM in the phone is not new. But with each passing year it continues to surprise us that mobile phones need so much memory. The reality is that the Android system consumes a lot of memory and having more RAM allows you to better manage multitasking.

12GB of RAM to prepare for the arrival of 5G and large screens

The new memory module arrives with 12 gigabytes, LPDDR4X and optimized for smartphones facing the new era of 5G and artificial intelligence . Thanks to these new memories, mobiles will be able to use all their applications in a fluid way even though the screens are getting bigger and have more resolution.

The new 12GB RAM does not come alone , since a few weeks ago the memory chips with 512Gb and the eUFS 3.0 standard were announced , multiplying by three the reading speed and with sequential capacities of up to 2,100MB / s in reading.

In four years, Samsung’s mobile RAM has doubled its capacity.

Fortunately, the new memory chip is also relatively thin with only 1.1 mm thick so adding more RAM will not involve thicker mobiles. In comparison, the previous 8GB module had a thickness of 1 millimeter.

The 12GB capacity has been achieved by combining six 16-gigabit modules based on second-generation production at 10 nanometers . In total, the power allows data to be transmitted at about 34.1GB per second while Samsung promises that energy consumption has been minimized.

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Since 2011, the increase in the quantity of GB has been constant and in four years we have doubled the capacity . According to Samsung, for the second half of 2019 will double the production of 8GB and 12GB of RAM for smartphones. The Galaxy S10 + itself, the Lenovo Z5 Pro GT and the Xiaomi Mi 9 Transparent Edition , at the moment few phones offer this capability, but it is expected that the flagships of the coming months begin to arrive with this memory.

FEBRUARY 201912 GB1y-nm 16Gb LPDDR4X4266 Mb / s
JULY 20188 GB1y-nm 16Gb LPDDR54266 Mb / s
APRIL 20188 GB (in development)1x-nm 8Gb LPDDR4X6400 Mb / s
SEPTEMBER 20168 GB1 y-nm 16Gb LPDDR4X4266 Mb / s
AUGUST 20156 GB20nm (2z) 12Gb LPPDR44266 Mb / s
DECEMBER 20144GB20nm (2z) 8Gb LPPDR43200 Mb / s
SEPTEMBER 20143 GB20nm (2z) 6Gb LPPDR32133 Mb / s
NOVEMBER 20133 GB2y-nm 6Gb LPPDR32133 Mb / s
JULY 20133 GB2y-nm 4Gb LPPDR32133 Mb / s
APRIL 20132 GB2y-nm 4Gb LPPDR32133 Mb / s
AUGUST 20122GB30nm 4Gb LPDDR31600 Mb / s
20111/2 GB30nm 4Gb LPDDR21066 Mb / s
2010512 MB40nm 2Gb MDDR400 Mb / s
2009256 MB50nm 1Gb MDDR400 Mb / s

Are 12GB needed on a mobile phone? The debate is always there. At the moment the race to add more gigabytes to the mobile does not seem to stop.

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