The Samsung Galaxy S10 could take better photos in the dark in the future. For a new camera mode to provide for night photos. The flagship basically already offers one of these. But unfortunately he does not really work satisfactorily.

Currently the Samsung Galaxy S10 automatically enhances photos taken in the dark. The corresponding feature is called “Bright Night” and can not be activated manually. A roll out in April or May 2019 update should help, reports leaking expert Ice Universe via Twitter. According to him, the update introduces a selectable camera mode designed specifically for taking photos in the dark.

Google as a role model?

Also, the image quality in the dark address the manufacturer with the update – allegedly by an optimized camera algorithm. The fact that software adjustments can lead to enormous improvements, Google recently impressively demonstrated: The “Nigh Sight” mode delivers great results at night, as we noticed on the Google Pixel 3 XL .

Especially in comparison with devices that do not offer a dedicated night mode, there are great differences in quality . By the way: the “night mode” on the Samsung Galaxy S10 has nothing to do with photography. Instead, the manufacturer refers to  the dark fashion of his new user interface One UI .

If the Samsung Galaxy S10 actually received a camera mode that can compete with “Night Sight”, that would be a great upgrade. First of all, we hope that Ice Universe is right and the feature actually comes. An official confirmation is still pending.