It has been a complicated start to the year for many companies, whose sales have been affected by the economic slowdown in some key markets, such as China . This has led to readjustments in the structure of some companies, as well as cuts in sales forecasts. The most recent case of this is Razer , who has just announced some restructuring measures.

First of all, Razer is closing its Razer Game Store just one year after its launch. They are also dismissing 2% of their work force, which means the closure of some projects. According to Droid-Life , this closure contemplates the division of smartphones, so the Razer Phone 3 would have been canceled .

The Razer Phone 3 would have been canceled

To this day we do not know how many Razer Phone have been sold, and that makes it difficult to know if this device has been a success or has gone completely unnoticed. Now, and according to the Droid-Life information, among the recent layoffs of Razer would be several engineers who worked on the Razer Phone , who would have left the company this month.

According to the information, Razer would be keeping only some engineers from its mobile division who would be in charge of software support, which includes the update to Android 9.0 Pie, just announced , as well as security updates.

According to Razer’s statements, yes, they are “realigning” the company and that meant the dismissal of 30 employees, who represent 2% of their workforce, as well as the closure of some projects and the relocation of some employees. to other divisions. At no time does Razer mention its smartphone division.

“Razer has made changes to realign our organization and strengthen our path to growth, we will centralize our resources to focus on key projects and improve our profitability.” As part of this realignment, we closed several projects and unfortunately we had to separate from about 30 employees (approximately 2% of our total workforce.) Other employees of the affected projects will be transferred to different parts of Razer to work on other projects and key focus initiatives that will continue to scale and contract. “

According to Droid-Life, they have met several engineers who worked on the two versions of the Razer Phone that are now outside the company. However, the same Razer does not mention anything regarding the Razer Phone 3 or its mobile division in these statements.

What is a fact, is that the Razer Game Store will close its doors this February 28 , which was an online store that sought to offer video games at special prices for brand users through an interesting reward system. , where The advantage was that they worked directly with the videogame studios, which gave them the possibility of offering discounts and promotions. Well, less than a year after its launch, the Razer Game Store says goodbye.

On the other hand, we must be attentive to the arrival of the possible Razer Phone 3, which should continue under the same window launch, it would see the light towards the end of the year, so still time to know if it was canceled or not . We will be attentive to any news.