The PlayStation 5 has been engaging the gaming community for quite some time. After several rumors , there is finally finally the first concrete information – first-hand: In an interview, Sony has given an outlook on his Next-Gen console.

At a meeting with Mark Cerny, the lead system architect for the PlayStation 5, Wired has learned interesting details about the successor to the PS4. Whether this is actually called PlayStation 5 is unclear. Cerny has obviously deliberately avoided this label. For this he revealed, among other things, that the device is replaced by a SSD instead of a mechanical hard drive.

PS5: Shorter download times thanks to SSD

This SSD should significantly reduce the load times compared to the PS4 Pro, as Cerny also demonstrated at the meeting – using the example of “Spider-Man” : on the current console, the fast trip in the game took 15 seconds. On an early PS5 developer kit, the process took just 0.8 seconds. Especially in big games like “Red Dead Redemption 2” , the PlayStation 5 could significantly reduce load times.

Incidentally, you can also play PS4 games like these on the PlayStation 5. Because Cerny announced a backwards compatibility, as many miss Sony’s current console. You will also be able to use the current PSVR headset. Also, the new console will accept game discs – and not just like the Xbox One S All Digital rely on downloads .

PlayStation 5: 8K graphics and raytracing

PS5 games will run in a resolution of up to 8K – provided you have a suitable TV. However, we do not expect the 8K resolution to be natively supported. It is more likely to be an upscaling. In addition, the PlayStation 5 will support raytracing. As a result, next-gen titles are likely to offer far more realistic lighting effects than the current generation of console games.

The completely new technical components will be possible. These include an octa-core chipset from AMD, which is based on the third Ryzen generation. Raytracing is handled by a graphics engine based on AMD’s Radeon Navi hardware. But your ears also want to pamper the console: The AMD chipset apparently contains a unit designed specifically for 3D sound.

PlayStation 5 will not be released until 2020

In addition, Mark Cerny has commented on the release date of the PS5: The console will definitely no longer come in 2019 on the market. So at the earliest, the PS5 will appear in 2020, with Cerny did not want to be nailed to it. After all, he confirmed that there are already developer kits in circulation and various games in the works.