Rumors about the release date of the PlayStation 5 have been circulating for a long time at regular intervals. An anonymous developer has now also betrayed some games that should appear at the same time with the console. Among the launch titles include “GTA 6”.

This information comes from a suspected developer who claims to be working on a blockbuster game for the PlayStation 5. He does this on behalf of a renowned company. The title should appear in 2020 for the launch of the PS5. He does not reveal what game it is. For this he writes on Pastebin that 2020 “GTA 6” will be released for the PlayStation 5.

“GTA 6” initially exclusive to PS5?

“GTA 6” is scheduled to be released by Christmas 2020 – and will probably be available exclusively for the PlayStation 5 for one month. The developer also heard that Miami and New York should serve as locations. He was not one hundred percent sure if that was true. Long-term exclusive for the PS5 will be the following launch titles:

  • “Gran Turismo 7” (VR)
  • Free-2-play version of “PUBG” in 4K
  • Revised version of “The Last of Us 2”
  • Revised version of “Ghost of Tsushima”
  • Two to three more blockbuster titles and VR games

In addition, by 2020, the following non-exclusive games will also be released for the PlayStation 5: “Battlefield: Bad Company 3” and a “Harry Potter” – and an “Assassins Crees” title. By contrast, “Horizon Zero Dawn” will not be launched until 2021. Incidentally, the developer originally created his Pastebin article as early as December 2018. However, as in this case, he regularly adds new information to it.