In the PSN you will probably encounter several users with a very similar name in the future, who have not chosen this themselves . Apparently, Sony may change some PSN IDs automatically. This can already affect changed and long-standing names. 

Sony has described on its own website, when it comes to automatic changes. However, the company does not randomly distribute new names. Affected users are given the name “Temp [sequence of numbers]” for the transition. Is your existing online ID affected for years? Then probably another player has reported your name as “inappropriate”. Accordingly, you can not undo the change.

Problems with games

However, you can get a “Temp” name even if you change your online ID yourself. The trigger for the involuntary renaming should be again if you choose an inappropriate name. However, Sony does not cite examples of inappropriate names. Obviously offensive and insulting PSN names are likely to count.

However, you can easily change your “Temp” name via your PlayStation 4 . If your original Online ID has been changed against your will, you should keep in mind that some games could cause problems with the new nickname. If you want to prevent that at any cost, you should not even think about a label that could evaluate Sony or other players as “inappropriate”.