You want a foldable smartphone from OnePlus? Then you probably have to wait quite a while before the wish is fulfilled. The boss of the enterprise expressed itself before students to a possible device of this kind.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has announced to students in Italy that there will not be a foldable smartphone in his company in the near future, reports GSMArena. Not only does this have something to do with the price – it alludes to the high costs that Huawei Mate X and Samsung Galaxy Fold cause for the buyer. According to Lau, the devices offer no real added value compared to “normal” smartphones. At least not yet.

OnePlus TV: Remote control superfluous

Lau announced but at least indirectly a new gadget from OnePlus. Accordingly, the company is currently developing a television that Lau calls “Smart Display”. In his opinion, remote controls are outdated. Instead, the devices are supposed to know the preferences of the users through artificial intelligence (AI) and make appropriate suggestions.

However, when we can expect this TV, Lau left open. In 2019, however, there will be three new smartphones from the manufacturer. One of them is likely to be the OnePlus 7, which is already rumored numerous rumors. What features the flagship could bring, we have compiled for you in an overview . What features will include the next major update for the user interface, the company wants to know from you .