In the coming months we expect the presentation of the OnePlus 7 . So far, the Chinese manufacturer has revealed little details about his next top model. Nevertheless, there are already hints about the smartphone and its features.

We already know that OnePlus wants to bring several variants of its next “flagship killer” on the market. In addition to the conventional edition, a model is also planned, which supports the new radio standard 5G. The latter device should not be quite as interesting for Germany. It will probably take until 2020, before you surf in this country in the fast 5G network .

Three smartphones from OnePlus?

The usually well-informed tipster Ishan Agarwal has meanwhile claimed on Twitter that three instead of two models are planned. In addition, the company is to work on a OnePlus 7 Pro. As it stands out from the other versions, we do not yet know. In addition, it is unknown whether OnePlus will really bring all three versions into the trade – or whether one of them never goes into mass production.

A Pro model of OnePlus would be quite conceivable. The competitors Huawei and Samsung also rely on several versions of their top models, which differ approximately by camera and size. So far, OnePlus offers its flagships in one size only – and that may change in the future.

Almost rimless giant screen

On the web more images have already surfaced on which the OnePlus 7 will be on display . Recent pictures show the smartphone with a display that occupies almost the entire front. In addition, the edges are very narrow and the case thus comparatively compact.

Supposedly, the screen measures 6.67 inches diagonally. If this is true, you will benefit from a large screen, which is particularly suitable for video streaming and comfortable reading. At the same time, the device should still be easy to hold thanks to the narrow edges.

Extendable camera

To save space for the screen, the front camera will probably not be on the front. Instead, it should be able to drive out of the device when a part of the back is pushed upwards . Perhaps OnePlus is based here on the Find X by Oppo . Both companies belong to BKK Elextronics.

Less hidden is the camera on the back: Allegedly, the OnePlus 7 here has three lenses for photos and videos. They should dissolve at 48 MP, 16 MP and 8 MP, which could speak for a high image clarity and many details. It would be conceivable that the triple camera on a wide-angle, an ultra wide-angle (larger field of view for group photos and panoramas) and a telephoto lens (zoom) is divided. Samsung, for example, is following this approach with the Galaxy S10 .

Samsung Galaxy S10

More power and more storage space

The OnePlus 7 could become one of the fastest Android smartphones in 2019. It is very likely that the Snapdragon 855 will serve as the drive. This is the latest top chipset from Qualcomm, which also powers several other premium phones. The chip makes it possible that you can play elaborate games like “Fortnite” fluently with up to 60 frames per second. In addition, simpler programs like WhatsApp open almost without delay.

In addition, many apps may remain open in the background, without reloading is necessary: ​​Rumor has the OnePlus 7 equal to 8 GB of memory. That would not be surprising – even the predecessor models from the years 2017 and 2018 are available with this amount of RAM. In addition, allegedly 256 GB of internal memory for apps, photos, videos and Co. are installed. For comparison: The OnePlus 6T you can either buy with 128 GB or 256 GB of storage space.

Finally wireless charging?

Samsung, Apple, Huawei and a few other manufacturers now rely on wireless charging for their top models. Using technology, you can power your smartphone by placing it on a suitable cargo bed. Among the well-known companies OnePlus is one that has not followed this trend so far.

Currently, no OnePlus smartphone has wireless charging. CEO Pete Lau said that wireless charging is still too slow to offer an advantage for the users. If the company continues to hold this opinion, the OnePlus 7 is expected to come without the feature.

When will the OnePlus 7 be released?

So far OnePlus has not yet announced an appointment for the unveiling of the next flagship killer. However, the manufacturer introduced the OnePlus 5 in June 2017 and the OnePlus 6 in May 2018. We therefore assume that the OnePlus 7 expects us in May or June 2019.