Just before Easter, OnePlus boss Pete Lau has published the first official teaser for OnePlus 7 via Twitter  . It says that buyers of the device expect a particularly “smooth” user experience . To The Verge he revealed details of the device.

In addition to the standard version is a “OnePlus 7 Pro” come. Pete Lau obviously referred to this premium version in his tweet. He also confirmed on Twitter that the information published by The Verge to the smartphone correspond to reality. The “new product” will use a proprietary, completely new display technology and provide the best “flagship screen experience” in the world. You can find the corresponding tweet at the bottom of this article.

OnePlus 7 Pro with high refresh rate?

The OnePlus 7 Pro has a much better display than the standard model. According to the CEO, the manufacturer has invested three times more money in its development than is the case with other flagship smartphones. He also revealed, “When I saw it myself for the first time, I was dizzy.” He did not want to comment on the technical specifications. But current rumors speak for a 90-Hz screen.

Such a high refresh rate would provide smoother animations. Most current mobile phones have 60 Hz displays. A few smartphones like the Razor Phone already offer a 120 Hz screen. But they only use the high refresh rate for games. On the other hand, the OnePlus 7 Pro should provide it across systems. How this affects the overall user experience, currently shows Apple’s iPad Pro .

The introduction of a Pro model suggests a change of strategy: Instead of beating the competition as before primarily on the price, OnePlus now obviously wants to score with superior technology – similar to Huawei tries this about with the Mate 20 Pro and the  P30 Pro , But the OnePlus 7 Pro should also cost significantly more than the previous devices of the manufacturer.