At the end of March 2019 Apple introduced the AirPods (2019). They replace the first generation of in-ear headphones. We’ll tell you how the models differ – if you ‘re thinking about switching or if you want to buythe first AirPods cheaper.

First of all: Apple only offers the new AirPods. At various dealers should be available for the foreseeable future but also the predecessor model. Visually, the two generations are virtually indistinguishable: only one LED light on the wireless charging case may indicate the new model.

Different charging options

Get new energy without cables: Together with the AirPods (2019), Apple has also introduced a charging case that you can charge wirelessly. You need a Qi-compatible charging mat for this. But you can also supply the case like the predecessor via the integrated Lightning connector with energy. However, the new case is also compatible with the old AirPods and available individually for 89 euros. The previously mentioned LED light on the front of the wireless case informs about the charging status of the headphones.

AirPods (2019) with better chip

In the new AirPods Apple is using its H1 chip. According to the manufacturer, this allows for a 50% longer “talk time” for telephone calls compared to the predecessor model. The maximum talk time should therefore be extended by one hour to a total of three hours. The general battery life of both models is identical, however: One charge lasts for five hours.

New airpods vs Old airpods
The new AirPods let you switch between paired devices faster

Further advantages of the H1 chip are a more stable Bluetooth connection and a more seamless switching between the paired terminals. The compound itself should be made twice as fast as before. In addition, latency is reduced by up to 30 percent. This means that the delay between what is happening on the screen and the output of the associated audio signal is smaller – for example in games.


“Siri-Handsfree” only with the new AirPods

Both the old and new AirPods provide access to Siri. You need to tap the first generation twice to activate the assistants and then talk to them. With the new model this is no longer necessary: ​​The AirPods (2019) allow you to activate Siri by voice command.

You just say “Hey, Siri” and Apple’s digital assistant listens to you. For example, this allows you to adjust the volume or ask for directions, while still having both hands free.

That’s one of the biggest advantages that the new AirPods offer over their predecessor. Whether that is enough for you to justify a change, you have to decide for yourself. Although it is generally worthwhile to resort to the new variant. But if you find a good deal for the first AirPods and can do without the mentioned innovations, nothing speaks against the purchase.


  • Visually, the first and second generations of AirPods are no different
  • With the new AirPods comes a charging case that you can provide via wireless charging with energy
  • The AirPods (2019) provide an hour more talk time and an even more stable Bluetooth connection. In addition, the built-H1 chip to reduce latency by up to 30 percent
  • The new In-Ears connect faster and the change between paired devices should be faster
  • Only with the new AirPods Siri can be activated by voice command