In March 2019, Apple released the improved version of its AirPods . The new model undoubtedly has the potential to be a bestseller. However, one or the other may be looking for alternatives. We introduce you to some recommended ones. 

The AirPods are according to research the most popular true wireless headphones in the market – despite the price of 179 euros. Incidentally, they are not only compatible with iOS devices, but can also be used in combination with Android devices. Even if you can not reach their full potential, you will still receive Bluetooth headphones that are good and reliable. Which other models can compete?

Samsung Galaxy Buds

An obvious alternative is the Galaxy Buds , which Samsung 2019 introduced together with the Galaxy S10 – about a month before the launch of the new AirPods. Like these, the Galaxy Bud’s “truly wireless” in-ear headphones – not connected by a cable. One difference is that they do without a shank. This makes them less noticeable. They are also slightly larger and protrude more out of the ear, but they also sit firmer. However, the comfort is not that high.

Samsung Galaxy Buds in Charge Case

The tight fit also ensures that the in-ears barely let ambient noise through. That does not necessarily have to be an advantage. It’s hard to talk to anyone without removing the Galaxy Buds. On the other hand, you do not have to set the volume too high to enjoy your music undisturbed. The headphones provide a rich sound for in-ears, which you can customize via the “Galaxy Wear” app.

Instead of Siri Samsung has integrated his assistant Bixby, which can be activated by voice command. You can listen to music with the In-Ears for almost six hours, make a phone call 60 minutes shorter. You can charge the Galaxy Buds or their case via USB-C or wirelessly. The latter is possible with a charging dock or one of the Galaxy S10 models. The price for the Galaxy Buds is 149 euros.

Jabra Elite 65t

The Jabra Elite 65t are also among the best AirPods alternatives. They are a bit heavier, but sit well in the ear. As a result, you can theoretically also wear them in sports, but Jabra also offers an “Active” version of the headphones specifically for this purpose. With buttons on the earplugs you can pause a song or adjust the volume. Playback also stops automatically when you remove the in-ears.

The Jabra Elite 65t offer excellent sound

The big plus of the Jabra Elite 65t is the excellent sound. The sound is probably the best that wireless In-Ears currently have to offer, and can be tuned via an app still to your liking. Thanks to four integrated microphones, the Jabra Elite 65t are also ideal for making telephone calls.

You also do not have to do without a language assistant. The manufacturer has integrated Alexa. But also Siri and the Google Assistant can be used. The battery life is five hours. You can charge the headphones with the enclosed micro USB case. With a price of 169.99 euros, the Jabra Elite 65t are about as expensive as the AirPods.


Cheap AirPods alternatives

If you’re looking for alternatives to the AirPods for financial reasons, the first two in-ears are probably too expensive for you. Cheaper you get, for example, the Nokia True Wireless Earbuds . The recommended retail price for wireless In-Ears is 129 Euro. But you get a decent sound and a good fit. However, you have to cut back on the processing and the battery life. One charge only lasts for three and a half hours.

Significantly cheaper than the AirPods: the Nokia True Wireless Earbuds

For about the same price, you get the JBL Free . They too sit tight and comfortable. Their strengths are their sound reproduction. In addition, they last on average about half an hour longer than the Nokia headphones. You have to do without extensive additional functions.

The Zolo Liberty Plus is also located in the same price category . They too sound and sit well. Unfortunately, they do not recommend telephoning: In the test, it came again and again to dropouts. The battery life is three and a half hours.


  • The Jabra Elite 65t costs similar to the AirPods, but offers a better sound
  • Slightly cheaper are the Samsung Galaxy Buds. They are similar in function and can be charged wirelessly with Galaxy S10
  • For many users sufficient, but significantly cheaper than the AirPods are the Nokia True Wireless Earbuds, the JBL Free and the Zolo Liberty Plus