For years streaming Netflix via AirPlay worked fine, now users have to get used to it. Netflix has removed the transmission protocol support from its iOS app. The decision is based on “technical restrictions”. Netflix does not provide more details.

So far, you could start Netflix for example on your iPhone or iPad and then transfer series and movies via AirPlay to Apple TV and thus to a TV. As MacRumors reports, that’s over now. But you do not have to do without your favorite show because of that. Although AirPlay stops working with the service, there is a separate Netflix app for Apple TV. All you have to do is stop controlling the streaming service via smartphone or tablet if you want to watch something on the big screen.

Several reasons possible

After Apple’s announcement of Apple TV Plus , Netflix is ​​certainly not entirely unbiased with the iPhone group. The fact that the streaming provider limits the service for its own users for this reason alone is questionable. Netflix continues to support streaming to TV screens via Google Chromecast . If the company wants to restrict the transmission from the mobile device to the TV, there is still work to be done here.


Even if the latter also sounds like a restriction of the current offer for users, it would be a conceivable explanation. Netflix tested in the past year, for example, in Malaysia a new and very favorable subscription. with which the service can only be used on mobile devices. AirPlay could easily circumvent this limitation, so removing it would make sense.