Netflix increases costs! The streaming provider has attracted prices in Germany. From now on you have to reach deeper into the bag for two of the three packages.

The price of Netflix’s basic package remains the same at € 7.99 a month. For the standard package, you will have to pay 11.99 euros per month in the future. Before that came to 10.99 euros. The hardest hit is the price increase premium customers: For the subscription you have now drauflegen two euros, so you have to spend instead of 13.99 euros now 15.99 euros per month. The scope of services of the individual offers remains the same.

The Netflix subscriptions at a glance

  • Basic subscription: 1 device, SD quality, 7.99 euros
  • Standard subscription: 2 devices, HD quality, 11.99 euros
  • Premium subscription: 4 devices, Ultra HD quality, 15.99 euros

Netflix raises prices initially for new customers

The new prices are valid immediately, but if you already have a subscription, you will be spared for the time being. The higher costs initially only affect new customers, as reported by Mobiflip. If you already have a subscription with the streaming provider, the price increase will not take effect until the next contract renewal. So you can be prepared for a higher amount than usual on one of the next bills. The last price increase took place in autumn 2017 .

The timing of the price increase is certainly no coincidence: By the end of 2019 Netflix will receive strong competition from the new streaming services Apple TV Plus and Disney +. Disney, for example, wants to offer the complete film library, consisting of all previous productions . That means that movie fans can expect a huge movie database from a short century.

If Netflix were to wait with the increase in prices, this could possibly lead a whole range of users to switch to their big competitor. So the time gap is still large enough, Netflix users can get used to the price increase. In addition, the company has no serious direct competitors in Germany apart from Amazon Prime Video. What costs will be incurred for Disney +, is still unclear. The company had announced that it would be cheaper than Netflix.