Some time ago we reported that the Moto Z4 should have a main camera that resolves at 48 MP. The same source now wants to have more details on the front camera and the processor in experience.

91mobiles says it has received internal marketing materials for the Moto Z4. This should result in various technical specifications of the smartphone. Among other things, it is the talk of a front camera, which dissolves with 25 MP. Should that be true, future buyers can look forward to extremely sharp selfies. The documents should also confirm the resolution of the main camera. It is as already suspected at 48 MP.

Moto Z4 with mid-range chipset?

For the computing power is a Snapdragon 675 responsible. This is a mid-range chipset that Qualcomm introduced in late 2018. Actually , especially smartphones with triple camera benefit from the chip. But even according to the new documents, the Moto Z4 should only carry a lens on the back.

The sensor of the camera will each combine four pixels to a large one. That could mean that the maximum photo resolution is actually 12 MP despite the 48 MP lens. The marketing materials also evidently mention a so-called “Night Vision” mode. This is intended to improve the quality of night photos taken with the main camera. 91mobiles suspects that it works similar to Google’s “Nigh Sight” .

The battery of the Moto Z4 has a capacity of 3600 mAh and supports fast charging. In addition, users may enjoy wired headphones: The smartphone should bring a 3.5 mm jack connection.