Whether cheap model or expensive flagship. It is usually very annoying when the phone is broken. In addition to the financial damage, it could also be that you lose access to a lot of data stored on the device. However, there are several ways to protect your smartphone as well as possible. In addition to a mobile phone insurance bulletproof glass and a shell are recommended. What is worthwhile for you, you will learn here.

When is the mobile phone insurance worthwhile?

A mobile phone insurance does not help with a broken smartphone against the physical damage, but reduces the financial damage. For a monthly contribution you have the opportunity to have the device repaired in case of defect or even get a replacement. Many insurances cover things like theft, water damage and breakage (such as a fall).

For example, if you have a manual job and often place your smartphone on the floor, a mistake can quickly lead to a broken display. On the other hand, if you carry the mobile with you in a handbag, it could be easier to steal than carry the device directly to your body. In addition, there are still people who fall down something very often.

No matter which group of people you belong to: If your past has often shown you that your smartphone could fall more likely – on the floor or in the toilet – or if you want to protect against theft, a mobile phone insurance is usually already , However, some providers allow only a limited number of claims per year. In addition, you usually have to pay a deductible in case of cases.

sony xperia XZ
Water damage does not cover the manufacturer’s warranty. 
(Picture: The waterproof Sony Xperia XZ Premium) 

Mobile phone protection with bulletproof glass?

With a bulletproof glass protects your smartphone in the first place from scratches. In addition, it makes sure that your display is better protected against breakage in a fall. If you want to protect the screen as well as possible, you should think about bulletproof glass. Especially cheaper smartphones benefit from this because they usually have an easier to scratch screen.

But even with premium smartphones is worth Panzerglas. Although set many manufacturers for their top models on stable Gorilla Glass, the scratched only from a hardness of 6 or 7. Nevertheless, over time many small micro-scratches can occur – even if you carry the device in your pocket and the keys are in another bag. Even larger and noticeable scratches can not always be prevented by Gorilla Glass. You should therefore consider whether you are not attacking bulletproof glass here as well.

Why a shell is important

One of the most important purchases for a smartphone is the case. There are cases with so-called bumpers that absorb the shock in a fall and thus prevent the display break. In turn, a flip-up case protects the screen when the phone is in your pocket – much like bulletproof glass. For such a case usually offers little protection against fall damage.

Mobile back cover
Even thin cases provide some protection – and make the smartphone more grip

Especially if your smartphone has a front and back of glass, you should think about the one shell. Most of these phones are very slippery and there is a risk that they slide out of your hand. For example, with a silicone case your device will be more handy – which should give you a safer feeling when using it. Even a thin shell helps here, if you do not want to use a thicker model with Bumper.

With a shock-absorbing silicone case, bulletproof glass and mobile phone insurance, your smartphone should be equipped even for some extreme conditions. How much protection you actually need depends on how carefully you generally handle the cell phone or how many “dangerous” situations it is regularly exposed to. Even if you treat the smartphone like a raw egg, you should at least get a good case to protect the investment.


  • A cell phone insurance usually protects against theft, breakage and damage caused by moisture. But you have to pay monthly
  • Many insurance companies set a maximum number of damages per year
  • In case of damage, you usually have to pay a personal contribution to a cell phone insurance
  • Bulletproof glass protects your display from scratches and reduces the likelihood of breakage after a fall
  • For cheap smartphones Panzerglas is especially worthwhile. But even top models with high-quality Gorilla Glass can prevent unsightly micro scratches and more
  • A shock-absorbing silicone case protects the phone in case of falls
  • With a hinged cover you can protect the screen from scratches
  • Slippery glass smartphones get through a shell more grip and are better and safer in the hand. Even a thin shell will help here