If you are looking for striking and good quality videos to use in your projects, Mixkit is one of the best options. In this new platform you will find dozens of clips that you can download for free.

The first thing that catches the attention of this web is how clean its design is, and one of the main positive points is that you will not have to register to download the videos that are already available.

10 new videos every week

The clips are divided into a total of nine categories(business and technology, city, music, lifestyle, animation, abstract, nature, outdoors and transport), so you can more easily find something that fits the project you want create.


When moving the mouse over the clips (without going to see each of them) a preview will appear in motion, and from there we can click on the download button. It is appreciated that everything is so fast and easy. You can use them even in commercial projects

Here are some examples (converted to GIF) of the type of videos that we can find in Mixkit. As we can see, they are engraved with a great sense of aesthetics and very good quality:

All videos are in 1080p and. MP4 format. In the section of “license” that we can find on your website, Mixkit makes it clear that we can use them for free in any project (both commercial and non-commercial).

As if that were not enough, they assure that they will add 10 new videos every week, so it will be a good idea to save this page in bookmarks to go consulting all the new fragments that are going up.