We continue with the carousel of manufacturers and operating systems that are dyeing dark interfaces. We had already seen dark modes much earlier but the advance of the natives for iOS and Android has made the builders begin to assess the matter more seriously. Samsung premiered it in its OneUI on Android Pie, and it seems that the next one to get on the train will be Xiaomi with their latest dark mode option.

The new dark theme has been discovered in the latest beta version of MIUI 10 , the version of the Xiaomi layer that already runs on Android Pie. Although the Chinese manufacturer has always detached the versions of their layers and the system. In addition, we find it in the global version, so it is likely that this dark theme will be released sooner rather than later towards the stable version.

Predominance of black

MIUI 10 Dark Mode

The first rumors about Xiaomi’s work in a dark mode for their phones and tablets pointed to the fact that it would be necessary to wait until MIUI 11, the next version of the Eastern builder’s layer. But it seems that it will not be like that, and that the dark mode will be released shortly for users of updatable phones to MIUI 10 .

The dark mode of MIUI 10 is shown in screenshots, showing a large part of the interface in black , with dark gray colors superimposed and different lighter highlights, such as blues, greens or oranges. And of course, white for the texts. The predominance of black tones suggests that the brand’s mobile phones with OLED screen will benefit most from this mode, as it will allow them to save some energy to use in other matters .

The dark mode is already being tested in the beta version 9.2.14 of MIUI 10

In these captures we can see the phone app, the calculator, the screen recorder or the phone gallery itself, also including the system settings section. The dark subject in tests has been hunted in version 9.2.14 of MIUI 10 Beta global , and from the source that has hunted it is reported that it will continue aboard the Xiaomi layer in the future, thus discarding it as a punctual test.

So, it is a matter of waiting for this dark mode to pass the testing phase and be incorporated into the next updates of the stable version of MIUI 10. We will see which telephones receive it first , and if measurements begin to appear on the effect that this dark subject may have on the autonomy of them. We’ll be alert.

Via | XDA Developers