In addition to tablets with removable keyboards, a classic laptop is part of the hardware offering from Microsoft. The Surface Laptop 2 is the second generation of the notebook and continues to be elegant, technically well equipped and comes with a price. The comparison with the Apple MacBook or the Dell XPS is not to be dismissed out of hand, plays in our test but a maximum of a supporting role.

The housing of the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 is made of aluminum. This not only ensures a stable notebook, but also a noble look. The rather bulky design without many flourishes expresses simple elegance and stability. The edges are all gently rounded, so that the laptop is pleasant to grab and carry.

A touch of luxury: Alcantara fabric cover

Thanks to good hinges, it is easy to open the laptop with one hand; the lower half does not have to be held in place. In the open state, the view is not only on the screen, the keyboard also makes a direct impression: For their keys and the touchpad is surrounded by Alcantara. The fabric resembles suede leather and makes the second edition of the Surface Laptop already visually unlike all devices with metal or plastic something special. The fabric cover should provide a luxurious feeling, but the Alcantara slows down the slipping of the palm – a matter of taste. In addition, the substance is in need of care such as plastic or a metal surface. If a mishap happens, act quickly to avoid unsightly stains.

The keyboard also makes a valuable impression. The typing on it is wonderfully pleasant, the individual keys Microsoft designed sufficiently large. They have reasonable distances as well as a pleasant stroke and stroke. Also, the touchpad responds reliably to touches, both gentle tapping and strong pressure, and then makes a rich click sound.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 with PixelSense display: just no sun

The PixelSense display of the second Surface Laptop has a diagonal of 13.5 inches and a narrow frame. The 3: 2 aspect ratio is not ideal for YouTube video or streaming, but it’s far more enjoyable to work with than a 16: 9 screen. The resolution of 2,256 x 1,504 pixels ensures a detailed picture. The colors are strong and intense, but stay natural. The brightness can be adjusted, but the maximum strength is sufficient for working in the sunlight then not. But Gorilla Glass 3 should ensure that the display does not scratch.

Although you can not rotate the screen of the Surface Laptop 2 360 degrees, but only open it about 50 to 55 degrees, but a screen with touch function built Microsoft anyway. Since the way from the keyboard to the display is not far, I like to leave the touchpad on the left. Instead of moving the mouse pointer, I prefer to use the touch screen to dig through my folder structures or execute programs.

Enough power to work

With the technical equipment of the Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 you have a comparatively small selection. You can choose between eight or 16 GB of RAM and an eighth generation Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processor. In our test device is the Intel Core i5-8250U with four cores clocked at 1.8 gigahertz. The graphics of the Surface devices are each the integrated graphics chip UHD graphics 620 responsible.

With this combination, Windows not only starts fixed, but also runs smoothly. In addition, with this equipment all imaginable Internet applications and any app can be used and work with common software and office programs. Video chats and video streaming are also no problem. Simple image editing is also possible, but you should only approach big RAW libraries with a lot of patience. For video editing and games, which are graphically above the label “Casual Games”, the new Surface is rather not suitable. For the numerical comparison we ran Cinebench: The OpenGL test scores 43.13 fps and the CPU test 582 cb.

As a storage medium, Microsoft installed an SSD disk in the Surface Laptop 2. In terms of capacities, you can choose between 128, 256 and 512 GB SSD or one terabyte as SSD options. For the battery, Microsoft specifies a running time of up to 14.5 hours for video playback. So long I did not watch films in one go, but after the workday I could still watch one, two series episodes with my notebook.

The operating system running on the Surface Laptop 2 – of course – Windows 10 Home. This allows you to use the HD camera above the display not only as a webcam, but also to unlock the notebook. Face recognition is a Windows Hello login option that offers even more alternatives to the classic password.

Jack, USB, power – and then? With connections the Surface Laptop 2 stingy

Although the Surface Laptop 2 is compatible with the Surface Pen and the Surface Dial from Microsoft, the notebook with its few connections offers only a small amount of space to connect additional accessories. In addition to the Surface Connect connector for charging the battery, you also have a 3.5 mm, a USB 3.0 and a Mini DisplayPort connection available. Apart from the headphones and a monitor, there is only room for another external accessory that is connected via USB without an adapter. After all, you can use the high-speed data transmission of current smartphones with USB-C connection, which are normally equipped with the faster protocol USB 3.0.

But of course you can connect the Surface Laptop 2 your accessories not only by cable, but also wirelessly. However, with Bluetooth 4.1, the notebook is not quite up to the radio standard’s time. Bluetooth 5.0 would not only extend further, but also transfer data faster. It looks better with WLAN. There, the support extends to the ac standard, or WiFi 5, and is thus absolutely contemporary.

Conclusion: High-quality workhorse with few connections

The cheapest equipment version of the Surface Laptop 2 costs including Windows 10 currently (April 2019) at Microsoft 1.039 Euro. The device that we tested, with the specifications Core i5, eight GB of RAM and 256 GB SSD beats with € 1,349. Theoretically, you can get the notebook in four different colors, but there are not every trim level in every color.

The second edition of the Surface Laptop is high-quality processed and makes visually a lot. On his keyboard, you can type nice and see everything on the screen. Except for the very intensive computing applications, the hardware is quite sufficient. As a shortcoming remain the high price and the few connections – where we still have a commonality with the current MacBook at the end. Alcantara next to the keyboard is a matter of taste.

SIZE308.1 x 223.27 x 14.48 mm
MASS1252 g
DISPLAY13.5 inches
PROCESSORIntel 8th generation i5 or i7
MEMORY128. 256GB
COLOURBlack, gray, red, blue