Microsoft has launched the new version of Skype Web , which comes loaded with new features for users who want to use the online video messaging and chat platform through the browser.

Of course, can only be used with Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome in Windows 10 and macOS, leaving the rest of operating systems and browsers. 

The new Skype Web are the most interesting. The platform offers users a series of tools that allow them to enjoy better quality video calls, record calls so that nothing remains in the inkwell during a meeting or speed up the search of words and images in the chats. 

Here is a summary of the news you can find in the new Skype Web:

  • High definition video calls . The image quality of the individual and group videoconferences will be high definition, which also have the reactions.
  • Call recording . The system allows you to record Skype calls so you can play them back in case you need to consult information.
  • Search in conversations . The chats have a search engine so you can quickly and easily locate the text you would like to find. 
  • Multimedia gallery in conversations . In addition, the chats now have a multimedia gallery so you can review the images that have been shared in the conversation.

As we said at the beginning, the bad news is that due to compatibility limitations not all users will be able to enjoy the new Skype Web. Microsoft indicates that it is compatible with desktop computers Windows 10 and Mac OSX 10.12 or later, with the latest versions of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Therefore, the new online Skype can not be used by users who have Linux or Chrome OS computers, as well as those who use Firefox, Opera, Safari or any other browser other than Edge or Firefox. 

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