Microsoft has just announced the one that has everything to become microsoft Excel’s star feature for smartphones, since from today we can take the photo of a table printed on paper and import it for editing in the application, respecting the order and values ​​of the table original.

Artificial intelligence arrives in Excel

This feature was initially presented in September 2018, but has been so far being officially launched, first for Android and in the coming days for iOS .

Its operation is extremely simple, we must only activate the camera from the Excel application, take a photo of a table printed on paper , although some mention that it will work with screenshots later, make a cut to the table to eliminate the rest of text or elements that do not belong to this one and that’s it.

The photo will be uploaded to Microsoft servers where an image recognition system based on artificial intelligence will pass all values, columns, rows and format to an microsoft Excel table and then it will be ready to be edited . This will avoid that we have to capture the data manually saving time.

As mentioned, this feature is currently only available for the Android application and a Microsoft 365 account will be required.