Already in May 2019, the OnePlus 7 should be on the dealer shelves. From the rumor mill, there are indications before the official presentation how the top smartphone will look like. If the new information meets reality, the manufacturer wants to publish only one clone of the predecessor. Innovations should expect us then with another model.

The website Pricebaba, in collaboration with the leak expert Steve Hemmerstoffer, has published rendered images that show the OnePlus 7. Presumably, these are based on architectural drawings of the smartphone. Hemmerstoffer is known to be right with his information often. The photos at the end of the article could actually show the upcoming flagship killer. The shown design is unlikely to change ownership of the previous model.

Many similarities

The OnePlus 7 is according to the pictures a clone of the predecessor: In many points, the design is probably the same. For example, a recess can be seen at the top of the display, which is very narrow and intended for the front camera. The OnePlus 6T already has such a waterdrop notch.

Unsurprisingly, there is no fingerprint sensor on the photos. Because even the predecessor of this is installed in the display. We therefore assume that the manufacturer also plans this feature for the OnePlus 7. It is expected that an improved version of the sensor will be used, which will react faster and better.

The OnePlus 7, like the OnePlus 6T (image), will receive a vertical dual camera

There is a difference

While many manufacturers now equip their top models with a triple camera, OnePlus probably goes another way: we can only recognize a dual camera in the pictures – this commonality shares the smartphone probably with the OnePlus 6T and its predecessors.

A headphone jack has the suspected OnePlus 7 as its predecessor not synonymous. All in all, it seems as if we would only expect an upgrade of the OnePlus top smartphone from the year 2018, which may only make better photos and has more power. There should be at least one major difference: The large screen of the OnePlus 7 should measure 6.2 inches in the diagonal. Thus, the screen would be slightly smaller than the 6.41-inch screen of the OnePlus 6T.

The OnePlus 7 Pro is really new

Real changes, the Chinese manufacturer allegedly present with the OnePlus 7 Pro. For the first time, such a pro model is planned, which should offer some extras. So OnePlus will probably do without a recess in the display. What we have already heard : The front camera is obviously in the housing itself – and can drive out of this if necessary. Other companies have already followed similar approaches. One example is the Oppo Find X  .

In addition, the OnePlus 7 Pro should carry a triple camera on the back. The lenses probably have different focal lengths. Depending on the situation you could probably fall back on an optical zoom or a larger field of view. The latter is suitable for panoramas or if you want to photograph a large group in a small room.

When is the OnePlus 7 coming?

So far, it is not officially known when the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro will be released. However, everything is currently pointing to a release in May  . In April, the company boss Pete Lau should announce the date for the presentation . How high the prices of the two models could fail, the rumor mill knows yet. However, OnePlus is known for its value for money.